iOS 11.3 Beta 2 released for public beta testers

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Apple released the second public beta version of iOS 11.3, which features new features for the iPhone and iPad. For the first time it is possible to accelerate throttled iPhones.

Participants in the free beta testing program Apple Seed can download beta 2 from iOS 11.3 over-the-air as long as the corresponding configuration profile has been installed on the iOS device, the day before Beta 2 has been released to paying developers.

iOS 11.3 Beta supports the new audio feature Airplay 2. Together with the new beta to tvOS 11.3 for Apple TV, which also for public beta tester has been published, but it can already be used. AirPlay 2 provides a multi-room audio experience. This means that you can play music or other audio content in sync across multiple “Apple TV” boxes in your home via your iPhone.

iOS 11.3 also includes four other Animoji characters for the iPhone X, including a lion, a bear, a dragon, and a skull. It also introduces the iCloud Messages feature. This feature has been on iOS 11 before but was removed. It stores the message flows of users on the network and synchronizes them between all its devices.

iOS 11.3 seems to contain so many new features that you could easily call it iOS 12. For example, parents should be able to approve Face ID purchases using an iPhone X. In addition, an overhaul of Apple Books is planned and it now appears that Apple plans a new single sign-on service for the Web, which may already be introduced with iOS 11.3.

The software update offers new ARKit Tools for developers. With the new ARKit 1.5, the technology detects and places virtual objects on vertical surfaces and can more accurately recognize irregularly shaped surfaces. ARKit is able to detect the position of signs, posters and images and integrate them into AR scenes. Thus, e.g. Museums filled with interactive exhibits or a movie poster come to life. The real view through the camera when using AR provides a 50 percent higher resolution (1080p) in ARKit 1.5 and supports autofocus.

In the Health App, Apple adds a new Health Records feature to it To facilitate customers with a participating medical facility to directly access their data in the iPhone, even if this medical information is distributed across multiple providers. Of course, this only happens with the consent of the user. So far, only US clinics are involved in this cooperation.

Battery Health and Throttling

The beta 2 of iOS 11.3 also includes major enhancements to the battery life of the mobile device. This allows the user to retrieve information about the battery status of the iPhone. The function is the consequence of the throttling affair that Apple experienced at the turn of the year. A power management feature reduced the clock speed of the processors without the knowledge of the user when a worn out battery was detected. That can now be switched off.

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