iOS 11.3 has been released. Allows performance deactivation to be disabled and brings new features


Those who have iPhone affected by the performance limitation problem and have not yet changed the batteries in the discount program offered by Apple, can now install iOS 11.3, which offers the option to disable this feature. In addition to the new "Battery Health" tab in settings, the new version of the operating system adds enhanced features for AR applications, new Animoji icons, and a few other updates

Of course, most users will be interested in the Battery Health menu, which can now be found in the battery section of the settings. Here you can check the status of your phone battery and how it operates. If it has not encountered problems caused by a "tired" battery, it will display "Peak Performance", but if the battery has rebooted the performance is limited. Users can deactivate the limitation in this menu, and performance will increase to the original.

ARKit, the development software package for AR applications, has reached version 1.5, now offering support for vertical surfaces. Up to now, AR applications could only recognize horizontal surfaces, but now doors and walls can be detected, and virtual elements can interact with them. Surely this feature will be useful in interior design applications like IKEA

The four new Animoji animated icons are a lion, a bear, a skeleton and a Chinese dragon, which are only available for iPhone X users. All other iOS 11 users can, however, receive Animoji animations on non-TrueDepth devices .

iMessage has received a much-needed capability: business accounts. Businesses can now register accounts for Apple's messaging system, making it easier to interact with customers on iOS. The Health Records function, which manages user health indexes, has been introduced and can synchronize the application with compatible systems in hospitals. Data stored in Health Records is encrypted and place access requires a user-selected password

Since online privacy is a sensitive subject, and Apple is very concerned about security, there is now a button where the user can see clearly what data an application needs and how it will use it when it gets permission

You can install iOS 11.3 right now on all Apple compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices

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