iOS 11: Using Quick Actions for Folders – Here’s how

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With iOS 10, the “3D Touch” feature really got going, and with iOS 11 it was again significantly improved. In addition to the intuitive operation of interactive notifications and other new actions, Apple has also added new Quick Actions for folders to the iPhone 6s (Plus) and the newer devices with 3D Touch. These may not be as far-reaching as apps, but they’re still very useful.

3D Touch: How to Use Quick Actions with Folders

In iOS 9, you could press a folder as hard as you wanted. Nothing happened. Only with the software update to iOS 10 Apple changed this circumstance. With an iPhone X or any other iPhone with 3D Touch (iPhone 6s and higher), you can use different fixed pressure on folders to perform various quick functions, so-called Quick Actions.

So far, you have not received any information about which app in a folder news (license plate icon) holds for you. Now press firmly on a folder with license plate icon, you can now see exactly which apps have notifications for you and can select them directly.

In addition, the folder can be quickly renamed here as well. To do this, open the folder and press firmly on the folder name. Now you can give it a new name.

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