iOS 12 also for the iPhone 5s?

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In the summer, Apple will be at the World Wide Developers Conference the next iteration of its operating system for iPhone, iPad, Introducing Mac and other devices.

iOS 12 also on the iPhone 5s?

As of now, iOS 12 will primarily offer more stability and performance, as well as a few new features. The fact that Apple is working on the system not only with regard to great new features, could also lead to older devices continue to use the update.

A bug report by a developer of the WebKit community contains hints that the Manufacturer will use the upcoming version of the operating system now also on the iPhone 5s. However, there is still no beta to iOS 12 for the broader developer community. Apple will offer this only in the summer. But the bug report shows that iOS 12 was used in a simulator. It may be that the error detector is an Apple employee.

Hope yes, certainty no

Apple could very well allow testing with iOS 12 on the iPhone 5s at the present time , Unfortunately that does not mean that the smartphone will actually participate in the OS update at the end. After all, there is not only safari and Apple could still pull the ripcord. After all, the performance of iOS 12 on average could not reach the level that Apple wanted for a device.

However, the WebKit example shows that Apple, by participating in open source, gets itself a problem into the house. Because the information around the development of the software is freely accessible to all and secrets more difficult to hide from public eye.

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