iOS 12: Apple’s New Password Management System Explained

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Security experts have always advised that users should always use a complex password with no personal reference to protect their data. Passwords like Wde2-2edS-2V8? -xLaW are no longer a rarity, but are difficult to memorize and share with other users (eg as a Netflix password). Apple has therefore included a number of new options in iOS 12 to make managing and sharing passwords easier.

Share passwords via AirDrop

If you want to share a complicated password with someone, it often turns out to be awkward and cumbersome. From iOS 12 Apple Apple iOS users. In “Settings> Passwords & Accounts> Website & App Passwords”, you can then tap on a password to select the new “AirDrop” option and share the password information with nearby devices. The password is then also saved in the settings for the recipient. According to Apple, the feature should also work between an iOS 12 device and a Mac with macOS Mojave. As an additional security mechanism, you must authenticate before sending or saving using Touch ID, Face ID, or Unlock Code.

A new API simplifies password handling

In addition to the new AirDrop feature, Apple is integrating iOS 12 into a new API designed to improve the password input and suggestions on iOS devices. For this purpose, strong passwords are now to be automatically proposed, which can then be stored and retrieved at any time, regardless of the place of creation. The feature works with both third-party apps and Safari. All passwords are then stored in the iCloud keychain and synchronized across their own devices.

One-Time Passwords via SMS

For example, registration with WhatsApp requires a one-time password. So far, there were two options: Either you remember the combination of numbers quickly before the notification disappears or you leave the current app and opens the news app to remember the password. In iOS 12, Siri detects the one-time password that has just arrived and suggests it for autocomplete, so you do not have to remember your password or leave the app.

Better third-party integration with Apps & Safari

Password managers like 1Password or LastPass have become indispensable to many users. Apple is aware of this and is improving in iOS 12. As of fall, a new autocomplete extension will be available that will allow password managers to work more effectively with other apps and safaris to secure passwords.

Siri as a speaking password manager

Siri has also been further developed and now knows your passwords. For example, in iOS 12, you can ask the language assistant for your Netflix password and receive a prompt response. However, this is only given if the device has been unlocked via Touch ID, Face ID or Code.

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