iOS 12: Can ARKit Synchronize AR Objects across Multiple Devices?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been interested in both advanced and virtual reality for years. So while the company provided VR support for the Mac last year, they announced ARKit for iOS devices. Apple offers an easy-to-implement AR framework for developers who have already pushed technology to the limit and published numerous creative applications. With iOS 12, the border could be moved again.

According to Reuters (via CNBC) Apple is to introduce WWDC the next version of ARKit. With the update it should then be possible for two iPhone users to be able to view AR objects at the same time – in the same place in the room. This allows, for example, local multiplayer games or the like.

However, to protect the data Apple should do a little trick. According to the report, no data should be loaded on Apple server. The two iOS devices should communicate locally with each other to achieve the desired effect.

The idea, of course, brings with it interesting ideas. We imagine AR board games here, which make cheating almost impossible and can display additional information via the smartphone display. So we are very curious to see how Apple will present the feature and how developers will integrate the feature into apps.

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