iOS 12 Concept with complications and constantly activated display

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Apple announced to optimize the new operating system rather than focus on many new features. At iUpdateOS, they focused on it. So you show long overdue features that Apple should necessarily integrate. Of course, you should not miss the real dark fashion for all Apple apps. Group calls for FaceTime are also shown.

But really remarkable are other features. There is the constantly switched on display, which displays a message symbol à la Apple Watch as well as the flashlight and time. The function makes sense only for the economical OLED display of the iPhone X (or successor devices), but would be a larger range.

But even for the “real” lock screen, one makes good use of Apple’s smartwatch. In addition to dynamic backgrounds, especially the known complications – “widgets” on the dial of the Apple Watch – could provide more overview and quick access to functions. Since watchOS is based on iOS and many developers already offer corresponding extensions for the Apple Watch, an implementation would probably be possible quickly.

At WWDC 2018 we will then officially hear what Apple has in store. This developer conference will take place in San Jose, California, June 4-8,

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