iOS 12: Enable Automatic Software Updates – Here’s how it works

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Last year, Apple d The frequency of software updates significantly increases and publishes fresh software for your Apple devices almost every month. In addition to new functions, these often bring more security and fix minor and major errors. From iOS 12, Apple makes your life easier. In the settings, you can then automatically check your iPhone or iPad for updates and have them installed at the same time. However, you have to do this one last time a manual setting.

How to Enable Automatic Software Updates in iOS 12

To get your iPhone up and running automatically in the future, Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 12. This can be activated with a few simple steps. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone (or iPad), and then tap the “General” entry. Then select the option “Software update”. After a short time, “Automatic Updates” will appear at the top. Tap on it and drag the slider to the left. You can leave the settings again.

Note: Before an update is installed, you will be notified. For the update to be installed automatically, you should plug your iPhone into the charger and connect to Wi-Fi. The update then takes place overnight.

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