iOS 12: New Features Make You More Productive

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“In iOS 12, we provide our users with detailed information and tools to help them, both the time they spend on apps and websites and how often they get their iPhone or iPad out during the day and how they receive communications to better understand and control, “says Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. “In 2008, we first introduced parental controls for the iPhone, and over the years, our team has been working diligently to add features that help parents manage their children’s content, and with Screen Time, these new tools enable users to create their own Manage device time and balance the many things that are important to them. “

“Do Not Disturb” – Solid Extension with a Small Deficiency

Apple will slightly expand “Do Not Disturb” in iOS 12, so you’ll be left in more situations in the future and spared notifications, turning you on others Can concentrate things. While it may be possible for you to enable the mode for one hour, the duration of the calendar event, or until leaving the current location so as not to receive any notifications in meetings, lectures, or other events, the feature may also respond to bedtime be paired from the watch app. This dimmes the display during bedtime and collects notifications until the next morning. Alternatively, of course, you can continue to activate Do Not Disturb for a scheduled time period. However, Apple has failed to implement finer settings for individual days of the week.

Managing notifications more easily

With an increasing number of installed apps, the number of notifications increases as well. For more overview therefore provide in iOS 12 app groups. Together with the feature, the new operating system makes it easier to manage notifications. Until now, they could only be adjusted and deactivated via “Settings> Messages”. Soon, however, this will also be possible via the lock screen, so you can disable annoying apps directly. This is accompanied by an intelligent Siri feature. The wizard now also suggests that you should enable notifications for long unused apps.

Screen Time as New Meter

How long have I been using WhatsApp? How many times have I picked up the iPhone? How long have I spent on Apple presents users with iOS 12 mirror by showing you the usage data of the iPhone and iPad in detail. From autumn it will soon become clear which app receives the most attention and which app has sent the most notifications. Every detail is noted in an activity report. Here you can choose between a daily and a weekly view.

With the comprehensive usage data, customers should increase their awareness and recognize potential time-wasters, to reduce their use if necessary. To make it easier for you to reach your goal, Apple will provide you with App-Limit’s other helper. The feature allows you to set a daily usage time for a specific category. Once the timeout has expired, a message will inform you about the lock. Deactivation of the app limit in this case is only possible via pre-defined unlock code.

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