iOS 12 Prevents Password Bypassing via GrayKey

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Compared to the New York Times, Appl It is now official that a security hole in iOS 12 will be closed that previously allowed technologies like GrayKey to find the device password to unlock it. Apple is therefore planning with the next major update that the charging or data port is also blocked one hour after the last unlock the device. In order to transfer data, in this case, the device must first be unlocked again, so that the lighting port is activated again. The feature is enabled by default with the update to protect as many users as possible. At the same time, however, it is also assured that the charging function will not be affected by the deactivation and will continue to function.

GrayKey relies on this data function and in many cases becomes useless with the update to iOS 12. The small box starts a brute-force attack via the Lightining port to find out the unlock code within a few hours. The time frame of one hour therefore prevents the attempt in most cases.

Incidentally, the option can also be deactivated in iOS 12. Under “Settings> Touch ID & Code” or “Settings> Face ID & Code” you will find the “USB Accessories” option starting this autumn. As mentioned, it is initially enabled on all upgraded devices. However, deactivation does not make sense for very few users and should therefore not be performed.

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