iOS 12: These features did not show Apple

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Apple is using i Change OS 12 more than initially thought. While the company expressed its effort in terms of performance right at the start of the WWDC keynote, new features were not forgotten. We could discover even more in the first beta:

  • Face ID supports up to two faces : In the settings, an “alternative look” for Face ID can now be saved. allowing two people to use a device.
  • Automatic System Updates : You can now choose whether to automatically update your iOS device or continue to update manually.
  • Screen Time Receives Widget : While the screen time is dormant in Preferences, you can enable a widget that gives you a quick overview of usage times.
  • Notifications can be grouped differently : In addition to a new messaging settings theme, you can also set whether the notifications are automatically, by app, or not at all
  • iPhone X Switcher now easier to use: It is again possible that you can open the App Switch and close apps by swiping – without any intermediate step.
  • New Battery Info Design : You will receive a detailed diagram of your battery usage in iOS 12.
  • Apple Books with New Options : In There are new options for the “Books” settings. You can specify which devices should be synchronized. This includes the new “read now” section, so you can instantly move on to last with the last book read on any device. At the same time, PDFs can now be synced and backed up via iCloud Drive.
  • Website Icons in Safari : You can now display favicons in Safari tabs.
  • Voice memos now on the iPad & Mac: Voice memos can be synchronized across all devices. In addition, they can be automatically deleted after a specified time, and it is possible to set the quality of audio compression.
  • Color Picker for Markers : A larger color picker is available for tagging in iOS 12.
  • New Option for Lock Screen : It can prevent that both the wallet and USB devices can not be used in the locked state. Thus, Apple prevents about the use of GrayKey.
  • New Wallpaper : Currently there is a new wallpaper available. More will follow with the next generation of hardware.
  • Siri Suggestions on the Lock Screen : Siri can suggest apps to you directly on the lock screen. This can be set from app to app.
  • QR Code Scanner in Control Center : You can add a new control to the Control Center that gives you quick access to the QR code scanner
  • QR codes are marked : To make QR codes more visible to you, they are now marked with a border similar to recognized faces.
  • Automatically enter one-time passwords : Some apps use one-time passwords that are sent to you via SMS. iOS 12 is able to automatically register the received password so that you no longer need to leave the app.
  • Password Manager Integration : Like the iCloud keyring in iOS 11, iOS 12 Also, other password managers will be displayed in the word suggestion bar for quick access to passwords.
  • New iPad Status Bar : Apple has the status bar at the top of the iPad visually similar to the iPhone X adjusted so that the time and date can now be found on the top left, while the battery indicator and wireless connections appear on the right.
  • New iPad gestures : The control center now opens from the top right on the iPad Same as for the iPhone X.
  • Shortcut in iMessage : A tip on the name of the chat partner in iM essage gives you various shortcuts such as audio calls, FaceTime and more information.
  • Longer Animoji Shots : Voice recordings with Animojis can now take up to 30 seconds.
  • Critical Notifications : For example, health apps can send critical notifications that even handle “Do Not Disturb”. This will give you important notifications without delay.
  • RAW Photos : No separate app is required for RAW footage anymore. Apple’s photo app finally supports RAW photos in iOS 12. However, these can probably only be edited on the iPad Pro.
  • Spirit Level Now in Measure App : The spirit level has long been part of the compass app. With iOS 12, this is changing and she has a new home in the Measure app.

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