iOS 12 Wish List for WWDC 2018 – These Wishes Could Meet Apple

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iOS is easy a Dusty and could withstand a lot of improvements. From small changes in the multitasking over more options in different apps to more options with Siri, we have some wishes for iOS 12, which Apple could certainly fulfill this year – at least in part.

Dark Mode – partly available

In recent years, the rumor has come up that Apple is working on a dark fashion. While this was already introduced as a “dark appearance” in tvOS, one hoped, of course, on a conversion for iOS 12. Already in the last software generations led something similar as an operating aid “colors inversion” one. Although the feature was much smarter with iOS 11, it still does not work system-wide in any app.

Siri must catch up

The Google Assistant and especially Amazon Alexa are Siri now way ahead, after Apple actually had a solid lead. Siri must therefore be much better in iOS 12, so you do not completely lose the connection. In addition to more natural conversations with follow-up questions more timers and own routines should be created here. In addition, of course, voice control within apps would be a good extension.

Split Screen for iPhone Plus Models

A few years ago, Apple introduced the split-view feature on the iPad Air 2 and allowed it since then that two apps can be used side by side on the iPad. On the iPhone, however, this makes sense – at least for the big plus models with enough screen. If Apple could provide a slimmed down version here, it would be great.

Home screen in landscape mode for all iOS devices

Where we are already on the plus models of the iPhone, we would also like to have a home screen in landscape format for the standard models , Increasing diagonals with the same device size makes the use better – especially when you return from a landscape app to the home screen and no longer has to turn the iPhone to navigate through the apps.

Finer Camera Settings

Apps like ProCamera or Halde have done it and Apple should do it. The setting options in Apple’s camera app are very limited and offer little room for experiment. So for iOS 12, we’d like to see the introduction of a pro-mode that gives us control over exposure time, ISO, and other parameters to be creative.

Wish List All Items

While it’s possible to create a wishlist in the iTunes Store, this is not possible in the App Store. This should change please, so that we can keep interesting apps in view. At the same time, there is also a price alert that provides special offers on the wishlist apps – like on Steam.

Widgets / complications on lock screen

The Apple Watch has already made it and iOS 12 should please imitate. Since the first software generation of watchOS there are already complications that can be applied to the dials. These offer quick access to a feature or provide just further information. On the lock screen of the iPhone, this would also be handy. In addition to weather information and other time zones could be displayed here a variety of brief information. Due to its proximity to iOS, the feature could probably be quickly adopted by watchOS.

More options for Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is convenient and minimizes interference at meetings or at night. However, it lacks here more individual settings. For example, schedules (weekdays and weekends) would make a lot of sense, and third-party integration could also enrich the feature so that favorites can not only reach the user with messages and calls, but also get through a favorite WhatsApp message.

Password Locks for Individual Apps

It has long been demanded, but Apple does not allow a password lock on individual apps. Some providers, such as banks, rely on their own solutions. More practical would be a system-wide password protection for individual apps, which can be activated at the first start of the app or via the settings app and supports both Face ID and Touch ID. Above all, photo and messenger apps could benefit from this additional protection.

Synchronize Notifications via iCloud

With much delay, Apple introduced the news synchronization via iCloud only in iOS 11.4. Apple should continue to think and also synchronize notifications via cloud service, so that they disappear after reading from other devices and thus creates more overview.

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