iOS 12 with anti-spam feature for news and calls

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Apple’s developer documentation suggests that the anti-spam feature on iOS 12 allows app extensions to be created n adding an option called “Unwanted Communication”. This must be enabled in the app settings.

When this option is on, users in the phone application can tap an entry in the Recent Calls tab to see the new option “Report”. In the news app, SMS messages can be reported as such or by a long press on the message itself.

The callers or senders are then blocked by iOS. Of course, the communication is only inhibited when the caller transmits his number.

The function is intended for SMS messages and calls only. For spams under iMessage, Apple has been implementing such a feature for a long time. It is speculated that the SMS and call notification feature has arisen as a result of a dispute with the Indian Telecommunications Authority, which has long been in the grip of Apple because there are no effective measures taken to combat mobile phone calls and SMS in iOS. With iOS 12, that’s changing now – worldwide.

For more information on the anti-spam feature and its implementation in iOS 12 and how developers can use the feature, see Apple’s documentation.

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