iOS 12 with clock complications in the lock screen and darkmode

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A new iOS 12 concept will give us a new idea of ​​how Apple could evolve its mobile operating system, with a video showing design ideas he screen-lock complications, group conversations with FaceTime, a system-wide darkmode and much more.

The concept developed by Andrew Vega, Maximos Angelakis and iupdateos carries the slogan “Smarter. More quickly. Darker. “The video shows how designers envision iOS 12.


What iOS 12 might look like

What will iOS 12 look like, which is expected to be released in fall 2018? At least some designers have more or less good thoughts …

Apple wants to show a much smaller update this year at WWDC 2018. iOS 12 is said to include few new features and focus more on reliability and performance.

Regardless, the video shows a great concept that introduces many features that have been in demand for a long time. We’re exited about your feedback.

This is not the first iOS 12 concept. Already a month ago, a designer behind “iOS News And More” showed that iOS could still experience improvements that could fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

According to the start screen, the app names should be omitted to simplify. The Sound Bar at the top of the screen should bring a visible and comprehensible volume control on iOS.

The guest mode designed by the designers should also give third parties access to the iPhone, but only areas unlocked by the owner. Unfortunately, Face ID is known to register only one face – unlike Touch ID, which of course allows multiple people to leave fingerprints. A new guest mode solves this problem and would be practical both in everyday life and in emergency situations.

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