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In one รถ letter, the members of the "Developers Union" make a claim. They want to know the ability to offer trial versions of their apps by July 2019.

Union that is not a union

The Developers Union is not an official union within the meaning of the law. It probably can not do that either because it targets all developers around the world.

Among the founding members is Jake Schumacher, who published the documentary "App: The Human Story". Also in attendance were Roger Ogden and Loren Morris, who worked together on a startup app developer that was bought in 2017. After all, Brent Simmons may know more about you. Because he has to answer for apps like NetNewsWire, MarsEdit and most recently Vesper. Incidentally, Vesper is being created in collaboration with John Gruber, a well-known Apple insider who also has loose contacts with some of the company's executives.

Loren Morris emphasizes that the project primarily reflects the voice of independent developers

App developers can join

You can join the "Movement" app developer via the project's homepage. So far more than 300 people have done that. Of those also come from about 370 apps. The participants are represented on the website both by their avatars and their apps.

For the time being, the founders want to win 1,000 new members every week, and at the beginning of June, at the start of the WWDC, they will know about 20,000 app developers .

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