iOS App Store favors large vendors

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A study by Sensor Tower shows how well the relaunch of the iOS app store worked, according to which a mention in the launch area under “Today” the downloads Increase App by up to 800 percent, with the App of the Day or Game of the Day areas having the most impact. Sensor Towers reviewed data from September 2017 to the present.

The numbers suggest that Apple has achieved the desired results with the release of the redesigned App Store after developers had previously grossly criticized its design and framework , The app marketplace had become so big over the years that it was difficult to find new apps.

There is still a chart list, but it has taken a back seat. Apple now tries more like Apple Music with editorial content and a manual selection to guide the users.

However, Sensor Tower also shows what kind of app vendor favors and here it does not look like Apple is seriously fulfilling its promise to get smaller developers more attention. Although sometimes unknown small vendors are discussed, usually it’s the big vendors that come from the app or the game of the day.

Only 29 percent of the apps that have been mentioned since the launch of the revised app store were from small suppliers.

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