iPad Pro 2018 with Face Detection

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At WWDC 2018, Apple is also planning to release a new iPad Introduce Pro, which will no longer work with the usual fingerprint scanner but with Face ID from the iPhone X.

A report by Barron’s states that s iPad Pro next generation will be unveiled at WWDC this June. In addition to Face ID, it is expected that the new iPad Pros will no longer have the Home button / Touch ID. Unfortunately, it looks bad on an OLED display for the tablet.

Apple claims that the facial recognition system can not be outsmarted by printouts or mask replicas of faces, but has already been refuted. Nevertheless, the cost of the deception is very high.

It is also considered reasonably certain that Apple will equip its iPhones with Face ID in the future. The elaborate technology has not been developed for the iPhone X alone.

Barron’s report, citing analyst Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities, points to a smaller and cheaper HomePod, due to hit the market in 2018. So if you are not sure yet, if the approximately 350 Euro expensive HomePod could be a sensible purchase, maybe you should wait and see what else Apple conjures up. The smaller HomePod is said to cost $ 150 to $ 200 apiece.

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