Apple has released two new iPad Pro commercials entitled "Augment Reality" and "Take Notes". The short 15-second clips for the song "Go" by Louis The Child are part of a larger campaign that has been running since last year.

Apple has once again released new ads highlighting the value of the iPad Pro for a wide variety of audiences, the first ad is about how the iPad Pro Augmented Reality Applications based on Apple's new ARKit platform for iOS 11.

The second ad konze It focuses on how Apple Pencil can be used to create multimedia notes on an iPad 11 with iOS 11, along with the ability to drag photos from Apple's Files app, write texts, or drag-and-drop content. Drop to move. Some short takes from this spot were previously featured in Apple's longer "What's a Computer?" Campaign in November 2017.

The two ads follow a new, 38-second commercial titled "A New Light," in which Apple explained how the lighting effects mentioned in Portrait Lighting work on the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus camera.

Apple planned All the great iPad Pro advertised as a PC replacement from the beginning, but it was not in the opinion of many users with iOS 10 yet. Only with iOS 11 and its ability to display windows side by side and drag and drop content between these applications and the new file app, it seems as if Apple has managed, at least for text workers to create a platform that through a long battery life, high portability and high everyday benefits. Of course, a developer, a video editing user or a user who wants to work with virtual machines will probably need a completely different device, but that's what the Macs are for.

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