iPhone 2018 models appear in new colors: blue, red and orange

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The new iPhone X-style 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is said to cost just $ 700. Thus, a price range of less than 800 euros would be possible.

But perhaps even more exciting are the new colors, the Apple for the iPhone of the next model series just mixes. The iPhone 2018 models are to appear in a total of seven colors. These are as many colors as last iPod Shuffle. However, not all shades are available on all models. According to the iPhone X Plus in the colors black and white and in a new gold tone will be offered. The entry-level 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will appear in the colors gray, white, blue, red and orange and have been mixed at 9 to 5 Mac.

Even if you already know the colors white / silver and gray / space gray as well as black / diamond black, you may be curious what the new gold will look like. Especially exciting are the possibilities of how Apple boss designer Jony Ive will interpret and execute the shades of blue and orange. In the case of the red, some specifications exist with the series product (red).

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