iPhone 2018: Will Apple’s Smartphones Become Blue, Yellow and Pink Soon Again?

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Jun Zhang is the name of Rosenblatt's analyst, who ventures with a bold thesis.

Color as Distinctive Feature?

Zhang sees the color above all as a distinguishing criterion for this year's LCD iPhone model. For to date, the company from Cupertino wants to bring out three different devices in the fall. There would be an iPhone X (s) and a plus model with Face ID and OLED display. In addition, there will be a model with LCD display that does not differ significantly from the chassis.

At this point, Zhang brings color into play. Apple could bring the LCD smartphone in the colors blue, yellow and pink on the market. Due to the lower sales price you would appeal to the younger target group together with the color choice. However, Zhang's claim is apparently based solely on his personal opinion.

Apple knows color

Apple knows that different colors can, of course, extend the target audience. However, a test with colorful iPhones went awry with the release of the iPhone 5c. However, this was not least because the company greatly limited the memory size of the device. In addition, the processing of the smartphone model was significantly less valuable than other iPhones.

But Apple regularly brings color into the iPhone range with iPhone models of the RED series. Also, the company has been able to gain experience with colorful iPods. There, however, not only good. Because it is not so easy to equip metal surfaces with bright colors, so that they are not worn in use. Even with the first Apple Watch models, there was occasional erosion of the case color.

How would you find new colorful iPhones? Is not just a colorful protective cover enough?

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