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An upgrade in the manufacturing process often means more effective chips with more power and less power consumption.

2018 he iPhones with 7nm chips?

Exactly what the iPhone models announced in the fall could benefit. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s TSMC partner has already begun production in the 7nm process. Needless to say, the new chips would probably be more powerful and energy efficient.

Gain Purchase Arguments

But is more power and longer running time needed to interest new buyers in the devices? That will show in the fall. After all, Apple released by then a new operating system (iOS 12).

Apple will probably be the first with the 7-nm manufactured chips on the market. Other manufacturers such as AMD, Qualcomm and Samsung are also working on the production process. Accordingly, the projection is not too large.

The A12 arrives, the A11 remains

There are no indications of the name of the SoC. However, it is very likely that Apple will call him A12. Currently the A11 Bionic works in the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It was introduced in September 2017 and is manufactured in a 10 nm process.

The A11 SoC also features the M11 Motion Coprocessor. The graphics chip in the A11 was designed by Apple itself. It can therefore be assumed that the group is still optimizing for the A12.

New iPad Pro with A11X?

It is conceivable that as part of the WWDC 2018 in early June, a new model of the iPad Pro is presented. It could then use an A11X SoC. The tablet should also have Face ID and no Touch ID.

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