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For Apple, there are certainly plenty of advantages if it would stay with the Lightning connector, but in February, the first hint ls a report from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that the company could switch to USB-C next year.

Apple a Trendsetter?

According to the anonymous tipsters, the integration of USB-C into other mobile devices will strongly depend on what Apple does. If the company decides to take the step, many manufacturers would follow the example.

But already various smartphones such as the Galaxy S9 or most of the new Android smartphones use USB-C.

MacBook as an initial spark?

Apple already uses USB Type-C ports on the MacBook. Other manufacturers also offered laptops with this connection technology. But the accessory manufacturers are so far rather restrained and the PC market is shrinking.

So can the integration of the connection in the iPhone ensure a much wider spread? Anyway, in 2018 it would not work with USB C on the iPhone.

Rumors in the previous year

Last year there were rumors about switching to USB-C on the iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X. What Apple has well introduced and “taken over from USB-C”, is the ability to charge the iPhone faster. Apple is already shipping a USB-C power adapter for its new smartphones. Also, the rumors about the change persist.

But there are also some who say that Apple wants to do without cables in the medium term.

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