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With the iPhone X, Apple has 2017 for the first time an OLED display integrated into one of his smartphones. By Apple bought in the market, it “messed” with its order volume, the prices for the competition. But far before there were rumors about a complete change to OLED on the iPhone.

2019 iPhones with OLEDs only?

Back in January 2017, Apple said it would use Sharp’s 2019 OLED displays. Apple’s supplier Foxconn had invested in the company and bought the Display division. In March, it was then said that Apple would switch all of its iPhones to OLED by 2019.

For this year, it is true that Apple wants to equip two iPhone models with OLED at the same time. But next to it is planned a third model with LCD display. Now the Korean Electronic Times agrees again that in 2019 all iPhones will use OLED as technology for the display.

Many sources = more truth?

The magazine wants the information of several Sources from suppliers have received. The agency Reuters reported therefore that especially Japan Display has the disadvantage. The company’s share price fell 10 percent. The shares of competing companies such as LG Display, however, has risen.

Neither Apple nor Japan Display wanted to comment on the rumors to the news agency. The company has failed to change its production to new display technologies. It would actually hit hard if Apple decided to switch completely to OLED. However, that would not come as a surprise after many reports in the past.

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