IPhone 7 phones remain inoperable due to a microprocessor that fades away from the electronic board


Apple is not alien to the problems of iPhone's failing phones, but the "illness" uncovered in the iPhone 7 series may take unpredictable proportions as devices used everyday by users around the world are starting to "age." Appropriately for Apple, problems arise some time after the iPhone came out of the warranty period. Vulnerable are all devices in the iPhone 7 / 7s series and the iPhone 7 / 7s Plus

Symptoms complained of by users vary from the malfunction of the microphone to the failure to start the device, remaining in a continuous cycle of restarts until the battery is fully depleted. Investigated for remediation at service centers around the world, the source of the inconvenience was eventually located in the area of ​​a farewell chip that, in time, breaks out of the electronic mobile phone plate

The syndrome called "bendgate" is not new at all, since it was named after the iPhone 6 generation, which suffered from "touch-related" illness – the screen's touch-screen interface failed due to the detachment of some of the components on the phone's electronic board

The cause of these problems would be insufficient reinforcement of the casing, which imperceptibly flexes in normal use. Over time, these repeated forces, including the electronic board, lead to cracks and detach the components of the mobile phone's electronic board

The remedy consists in reapplying the affected electronic component to the service center. Unfortunately, costly intervention is rarely supported by Apple, most of the broken iPhone 7 devices being already out of the warranty period.

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