iPhone 9 appears in the first "unofficial" image. Confirms rumors so far

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There is little doubt: Apple will launch a cheaper version of the iPhone X this fall. After months of speculation and analysis, we have the first picture to be as formal as the phone. We are talking about a photo whose origins are an accessories manufacturer called Ghostek, which in the past has revealed in a similar manner details about the new Samsung smartphones

The device in the picture does not seem to be very different from what we got last year with the iPhone X . We're dealing with a smartphone made largely of glass with a top-of-the-box screen to accommodate the True Depth sensor, but with a single room on the back. The new "inexpensive" iPhone will replace the iPhone 8 with Apple's offer, making it the entry-level model for Apple's "premium" device, while iPhone SE remains the "budget."

It looks like this model will not be very different from the top iPhone X variants. It is expected to ship with similar internal hardware, ie with an Apple A12 chipset, but with less RAM and a LCD instead of OLED without the 3D Touch functionality. It could also be the first iPhone model since iPhone 5C's disappearance to be delivered in bright colors like blue or orange. X and X Plus models are expected with a series of "more serious, exclusive colors."

Otherwise, everything seems to be in his place. Volume buttons and silent mode switch on the left side, a large Power button on the right side and very thin edges around the display. There may be a 3D model made by Ghostek, but there is a possibility that iPhone 9 will benefit from a bigger chin at the bottom, something I've seen on all Android devices lately. This design decision could be influenced by production costs, which should remain very low for this variant.

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