iPhone battery change costs Apple: Barclays criticizes Cupertino

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iPhone battery replacement costs Apple. The manufacturer from Cupertino is currently trying to reduce the waiting times for a battery change in his smartphones. This upsets Barclays analysts bitterly. They recognize the wasted potential and see the iPhone sales figures at risk.

This example shows very clearly How different the interests of customers and investors actually are, as Barclays analysts recently published a customer-contempting message that Apple’s efforts to accelerate the battery change are counterproductive to sales, it said in. By the way, the company was already in the announcement of the Quarterly figures .

Apple to Kundenzufried

As part of the discussion about throttling the performance of iPhones, the manufacturer has set up a discounted battery change for affected users. The fact that Apple distributes gifts, but bumps the analysts bitter. Above all, Apple’s efforts to shorten the waiting time for a replacement of the smartphone battery, analysts Barclays bad.

However, Tim Cook and other responsible from the outset emphasized that even the throttling of the performance only in the interest the customer took place. The alternative is that the devices crash more often when the voltage is insufficient. Accordingly, the useful life is even extended with this method.


But Apple should have inaugurated the users. It did not suit everyone to get an album from U2 for free. Nor do customers want to be patronized in this case. Accordingly, Apple will soon offer an option to decide with iOS 11.3.

Less time waiting to change the battery for the iPhone

Mark Moskowitz of Barclays and other employees have taken samples in Apple stores in the USA. One wanted to know, how long customers have to wait for the replacement of the iPhone battery with affected devices. The average waiting time has shortened. Instead of four to six weeks, customers would only have to wait two to four and a half weeks. According to Barclays, the waiting time will at best improve and not worsen. But exactly this situation causes the analysts apparently a headache.

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