iPhone cases for each type

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First of all: All the cases presented here are sturdy and protect your iPhone from scratches, dust and damage, and some are also suitable for harsher expeditions and dangers. In addition to the robustness of the covers, we have focused on differences in style, design and capabilities. Let’s start with those cases whose weight you will barely notice, but which still reliably protect your iPhone.

Lightweight and Safe Classics

Especially for those iPhone owners who prefer a classic black, the Silicone Case by Artwizz (14.99 Euro). The case is slim, minimalist and robust. In addition, it has a protruding frame over the display, which additionally protects the edges and corners of the screen in the event of a fall. Due to the soft material, the Silicone Case is one of the shells that are almost indestructible. Just as classic black is the TPU case (14,99 Euro), the factory-named TPU material is a bit stronger than silicone, but stays more flexible than hard plastic. Whether you prefer silicone or TPU is an old question and is above all the personal preference. Silicone offers e.g. Due to its robust elasticity significantly more protection and is non-slip in the hand. What on the one hand can be practical, in turn, bothers you if you want to push his iPhone with the silicone case in the tight pants pocket. Even for purists, the Berliners have the right product in their range: The NoCase (made of transparent TPU, available for € 16.99) is completely transparent and lets the iPhone shine in all its glory and original device color. Another classic case, which offers a complete all-round protection, is the SmartJacket (from 19.99 Euro). It completes the Artwizz range of lightweight and safe cases. Thanks to the front cover, you can completely shield your iPhone from the outside world and choose between various colors.

Fancy and different

Camouflage patterns are actually used for camouflage, but in the fashion world the popular patterns are also used successfully as a fashion statement. Attention instead of camouflage is the motto here. That’s why Artwizz presents the classic gray Camouflage for the iPhone X, the two colorful, eye-catching camouflage variants: Color and Ocean (from 24.99 euros). While the Camouflage Clip Color focuses on bold blackberry and yellow accents, the Ocean version stands against cool, sea-inspired blues. Due to the excellent soft-touch coating, the iPhone X with camouflage clip is very comfortable in the hand. The rigid polycarbonate clips protect the iPhone backside from scratches and scratches, but the hard material prevents the sensitive glass back from breaking when falling from high altitudes. Materials such as TPU and silicone offer significantly more protection against breakage. The Camouflage clips are therefore more of an eccentric evening dress for the iPhone X, as they make the anniversary smartphone guaranteed to be a striking eye-catcher. If you like it naturally, but still fancy, you should take a closer look at the Leather Clip by Artwizz (34.99 Euro). The thin back protection shows an individual pattern due to the grained calfskin and is also particularly grippy in the hand. Inside, the iPhone is protected by a soft microfleece insert from scratches. The slim rear side protection made of genuine leather sits like a glove and is available for iPhone X in red, black, brown and nude.

Practical Functional Cases

Just like the iPhone combines numerous functions and has long become our digital Swiss Army knife, there are innovative cases that more than just protecting the smartphone from harm. Thus, the Berlin accessories manufacturer Artwizz has various protective covers with additional functions in the program. In the TPU Card Case (19.99 Euro), for example, you can store your most important card directly on your smartphone. This is especially useful for bus tickets or door opening cards. For those who prefer to leave their wallet sometimes completely at home, the Berliners have designed the wallet case (49.99 euros) made of genuine leather for iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Inside, the wallet case has a clip for the smartphone and five inside pockets for cards plus a large extra pocket. There is enough space for banknotes in the spacious outer compartment, so in Wallet Case everything important together. In the rugged Artwizz FolioJacket (from 14.99 euros), the iPhone is completely protected by the protruding edges and the magnetic closure. In addition, the FolioJacket has a useful stand function, with which you can use the iPhone in different angles for working or viewing videos in landscape mode.

Whether classic, striking or practical, Artwizz has the right protective cover for every iPhone , We hope this overview will help you to find out which case suits your daily life best. One thing is certain in any case: Although there are protective covers for the iPhone like sand on the sea, pre-designed rod products are in vain in Artwizz. Each protective case is specially designed and tested in Berlin.

All iPhone cases featured here can be found in the Artwizz online shop.

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