iPhone cracker GrayKey now victim of a data leak

With the announcement that GrayShift mi If a particular device can crack most iPhones within three days, the company made headlines. Now you get into the limelight yourself, after it became known that a part of the source code of GrayKey has reached the Internet. The Leaker should have started in the same breath a blackmail attempt and requires at least two Bitcoins. These currently have a value of about 15,000 euros. This also corresponds to the starting price of a GrayKey box. The published news of the Leaker has since been removed, but can still be read via various archiving platforms - for example Archive.org -

"We are a business group looking forward to bring The message was taken from a part of the. "

The message was taken from a part of the Accompanied by source codes. The danger is that this now comes completely to light. Thus, all iPhone models, including the iPhone X, regardless of the installed iOS version at least locally vulnerable or could be unlocked. According to GrayShift, the leak was caused by a faulty network configuration. Since then, however, measures have already been taken to protect customers from unlawful access.

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