iPhone guilty of plane crash? Families go to court

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According to media reports, members of victims of a plane crash try to hold Apple accountable for the disaster. In May 2016, a plane of the EgyptAir line was on the way from Paris to Morocco.

Devices caught fire

Investigations have revealed that the iPhone 6s and the iPad mini of the co-pilot of the Have burned the machine. The family sees this as the cause of the crash.

Experts claim according to media reports, that the devices were not the cause of the fire in the cockpit. Rather, it should have come in the field of electronics bay below the cockpit to a short circuit, which ultimately led to the fire. In turn, then the Apple devices should also be on fire.

lawsuit against Apple is rocky

In 2017, first results of investigations were submitted. It has come out that the co-pilot had filed the Apple devices on the glare protection. The recordings from the cockpit and the flight recorder data, however, gave no direct evidence that actually the Apple hardware was to blame. There was talk of malfunctions in the cockpit. You also hear the captain ask his co-pilot to put out a fire. Investigations by the French aviation security agency see the possibility of a fire below the cockpit or in the toilet immediately behind it.

It is unlikely but not impossible that the co-pilot’s iPhone was the cause of the fire in the cockpit. However, if a device had caught fire in the immediate vicinity, it is believed that the cockpit crew would have communicated this to the ground via air radio on-board radio. However, there are no such clues.

Now it is up to the victim families and their lawyers to prove the allegations. However, it could take many years before a verdict is reached. First of all, however, the complaint would have to provide sufficient evidence. There are loose hypotheses that attaching smartphones or devices with lithium-ion batteries could lead to spontaneous error messages. However, there is no proof of these allegations.

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