iPhone inspired HUD design at Iron Man

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You are interested in? h for the iPhone or the design of user interfaces? These are just two of many cases in which you should read the extensive interview with the creators of the head-up display design from Marvel’s Iron Man (2008) .

iPhone inspired Designer

Iron Man was released in 2008. But the work on the film started much earlier. In fact, Apple had just released its first iPhone at the time, and the designers were sitting together, and as geeks, apparently, the characters were clearly taken with Apple’s interface.

Favreau emphasizes that the HUD team for Iron Man in the film wanted to try to imitate the simplicity of using the iPhone. Kent Seki, who was also part of the team, explains that there were several ideas and also basic design philosophies. However, at the center of their design, Apple’s iPhone was actually at the center of development.

“It should feel like the iPhone”

Seki chats that Favreau will one day be at a meeting on his iPhone pulled out of his pocket. That was something new at the time. Favreau did not impose restrictions on the graphics to be used, but demanded that the Iron Man HUD feel as intuitive as its iPhone.

I remember in an early Discussion in post-production with Jon Favreau. He pulled out his iPhone, which was a new thing at the time. He said, ‘I want it to feel intuitive like my iPhone.’ (Kent Seki)

Like the Apple Smartphone Inspires Adult Men

Dav Rauch, also part of the team, describes a euphoric mood. Employees gathered around their iPhones and were so infected by the device that part of it had to flow into the HUD design of the finished film.

The iPhone had just come out like literally a week or two before the meeting with Jon – and I got iPhone and Favreau had gotten iPhone. When I was talking about the iPhone because he was really inspired by it. He’s like, ‘What I love about this thing is it’s just what it’s supposed to do, it’s very intuitive and it’s very simple looking at the transitions in on iPhone. I’m like, ‘These transitions are so simple and they’re just like zooming transitions, or wipe transitions. There’s nothing fancy about this phone, but what’s fancy about this phone is that it works and works really well. ‘(Dav Rauch)

So you can justifiably claim that the iPhone and its user interface are so iconic that they served and continue to serve other designers as the basis of their inspirations.

Do you know any other examples in which the iPhone or other Apple products influenced pop culture?

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