iPhone locked for toddler for 47 years

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Already in January, an incredible mishap happened in Shanghai The case of Ms. Lu is picked up in the South China Morning Post and was originally disseminated by the Chinese news channel Kankanews.

Educational Video on the iPhone to Distract Toddler

Mother Lu left her two-year-old son her iPhone. The toddler should watch videos with a learning character. What Ms. Lu did not suspect: The offspring would later collide with the security features of the device.

In fact, the device turned off according to tradition. However, Ms. Lu’s son tapped the Apple smartphone eagerly as the device asked for the password. The security settings were set up so that the smartphone would refuse to enter the code for a while if it was entered incorrectly enough. The child has been playing with the device for quite some time and probably has triggered this mechanism several times.

Smartphone remains locked for 25 million minutes

When Ms. Lu picked up the iPhone again, she was not amazed bad. The device told her to wait more than 25 million minutes before she could re-enter the security code. This equates to about 47 years.

An Apple employee at the store in Shanghai could not help the customer. He reports a case in which the security mechanism even led to a wait of 80 years.

Restore iPhone from backup

For the customer, the Apple employee had only two proposed solutions. She must wait either 47 years or reset her Apple smartphone to factory settings. She could then restore the data from a backup if she has one.

Ms. Lu certainly did not want to wait 47 years. Because then she could have told her grandson what had happened to his father for a mishap when he was two years old.

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