iPhone loses place in China’s smart phone market

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The smartphone business in China suffered a major blow in the March quarter. The market volume shrank by 21 percent compared to the previous year. It is said that only 91 million units have been sold.

Top 10 loses heavily

Eight out of ten manufacturers in the top 10 had to make do with lower sales figures. Apple’s competitor Samsung, but also the Chinese manufacturer Meizu lost particularly strong. In the March quarter they did not even sell half of the equipment they were able to sell the year before.

One of the few winners is Xiaomi. The company grew 37 percent and is said to have sold 12 million smartphones. With that, the Apple company dropped to fourth place.

Apple’s iPhone still in Top 5

Apple is still in the top five. However, at the present time, Canalys did not present any concrete figures, like many Devices Apple has probably sold. Indirectly, however, one can conclude that so many could not have been. Because the manufacturers Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi already account for 73 percent of the entire market volume.

Competition mimics each other

The competition in China but also between manufacturers worldwide has become tougher. This has led companies to try to imitate each other’s products and there are hardly any differences in the portfolios.

The main victims are small manufacturers who do not have enough financial resources. Because that’s what it takes to showcase its products in a country like China, say the analysts of Canalys.

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