iPhone may switch from Lightning plug to USB Type-C


Apple is an industry-recognized company for limiting the compatibility of its devices with those of other companies. For this reason, the company opted in 2012 to switch to a new owner's connector instead of adopting a standard USB plug. The Lightning Plug on iPhones, iPads and many other accessories could, however, be eliminated next year in favor of the USB Type-C universal port if rumors prove to be true

This information was published by DigiTimes, a publication that builds this report on industry sources with access to Apple's component supply information. Apparently, the company orders a large amount of USB Type-C ports, which will be integrated into the next generations of the iPhone in 2019, as well as new generations of iPad tablets. With a single cable, you could power both your laptops and Apple tablets and phones.

The American company was among the first to adopt the Type-C port on laptops, with the MacBook of 2015, the first laptop equipped with one such plug and nothing else. Then, in 2016, Apple launched MacBook Pro models that only provide USB Type-C connectivity for uploading, data transfer, and connecting monitors or other accessories. Switching from Lightning to USB Type-C would be the next logical step in the evolution of its devices and the compatibility between them

But there is also a situation that could invalidate these rumors. Apple offers Made For iPhone (MFi) a license for accessories manufacturers who can make 100% compatible Apple device attachments. Those that do not have this certification may not work at optimal parameters. Thus, integrating a Type-C port could pave the way for many accessories for Apple devices that do not require certification from the company. Apple would consequently lose money, as each unit sold under the MFI brand brings some of the revenue into its accounts.

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