iPhone no longer sends an iMessage – How to Solve the Problem

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For about six and a half years, iMessage has been an integral part of the Apple ecosystem and is supported by nearly all Apple products. Above all, the integration in the news app makes use of it a breeze. But what if the message can not be sent or if Apple’s messaging service is not working properly? With just a few simple steps you can quickly remedy.

There are several reasons why iMessage does not work on your iOS device

Is iMessage enabled?

Before panicking or unnecessarily trying to fix the problem, you should first check if iMessage is working at all is activated by opening the settings app first and then touching the “Messages” entry n “iMessage” displayed. The slider should be green and not accompanied by the message “Waiting for activation”. In addition, of course, the data connections (WLAN & mobile data network) should be connected.

Are you using the latest software?

Another important factor is the operating system. Always keep your operating system up to date. Check if there is a new update in Settings> General> Software Update. If necessary, install the latest version.

Restarting Helps In Many Cases

With many problems, a simple reboot may be enough – iMessage is no exception. Depending on the device, there are various shortcut keys (up to iPhone 6s & all iPad models, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X) for rebooting. Alternatively, you can also do it via “Settings”> “General”> “Turn off”.

Are there any server issues with Apple?

Even though this does not help, the problem could be with Apple. If there are any problems, you can easily check on this page (link).

Reset your network settings

In some cases, it may help to reset your network settings. Although this will not delete any data, you will need to re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords. Open Settings> General> Reset and select Network Settings. Confirm your selection and follow the few instructions on the screen.

Is it not your fault?

The problem does not necessarily have to be up to you. The recipient of the iMessage can also have a problem. For example, he or she may have disabled iMessage or switched to another smartphone. Also try to send an iMessage to another recipient.

If none of these tips work, contact Apple directly.

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