iPhone SE2 could be a minor upgrade. It could give up the audio jack

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iPhone SE2 is probably the most enigmatic smartphone lately. Despite the fact that we have heard about it for almost a year now, we do not even have a spy photo at hand, and the details that go online say different things depending on the source. The Japanese publication, Mac Otakara, claims to have information about this model directly from the accessories manufacturers who participated in Hong Kong's Global Sources Mobile Electronics

According to Mac Otakara, the new iPhone SE2 will not be such a different outside phone as we would expect. While the phone's shape will remain partly the same, it will still be an iPhone model that drops the 3.5mm audio jack. Inside, we will get an upgrade that we already expect, that is, the integration of an Apple A10 Fusion chipset, the same one found in iPhone 7, 7 Plus and now in the new 9.7 "iPad. This upgrade will provide 40% improved performance and compatibility with the new HEIF and HEVC photo and video standards that provide more efficient compression, making the recording material less space for it

There is also information about integrating wireless charging technology into the small 4 "screen phone, but there is nothing concrete at the moment. According to accessory manufacturers, the phone will be launched sometime in May, but there is a slight chance that Apple will hold a launch event dedicated to this model. As the design remains similar, and its capabilities will anyway be under the current models, it will likely be announced in a press release

As Apple probably wants to keep the price of $ 350 on the shelf, the new phone will certainly not integrate Face ID or other expensive components, such as an OLED display. In autumn this year, next to the new generation of iPhone, iPhone 6S is expected to come out of Apple's offer. If the iPhone SE2 will drop the audio jack from September, the company will no longer have any phones that offer this capability.

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