Probably all this "smoke" that comes out of the talks about a new iPhone SE from Apple has a "fire" at the base. Information about this alleged device is beginning to appear more and more, and all voices suggest that the launch could take place this spring, which would mark two years after the launch of the original iPhone SE. New details suggest that the new device will be equipped with more powerful hardware and will benefit from some advanced features "borrowed" from its older brothers

Apple believes that the small and powerful smartphone still has a place on the market, the iPhone SE 2 being a similar design in the previous version as well as with older devices such as iPhone 5 and 5S. Digitimes suggests that the biggest difference would be a complete back made of glass, a decision made to add wireless charging even on this smaller model. Unfortunately, maintaining classical design also brings some disadvantages.

First of all, the iPhone SE will not benefit from either an edge-to-edge display or Face Face Sensor. Also, the 3D Touch feature will also be absent from this version, and the display will be made using the same IPS technology with the classic 1,136 x 640 pixel resolution on this range of Apple phones since the first iPhone 5. Hardware- the domestic can receive a well-deserved upgrade to the iPhone 7 generation with the Apple A10 Fusion chipset

Of course, this information does not come in official ways, so what Apple will do if it really launches a new iPhone SE in the spring could be very different from the pre-launch rumors. However, considering the past leaks that were talking about a similar design and the fact that Apple has not been able to keep a smartphone design before launch since iPhone 3G, most likely at least some of these details could be confirmed.

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