iPhone SE2 could be delivered with cut-off screen


iPhone SE2 is probably the Apple device that has been discussing for a very long time, but it is delayed to appear in an official manner. Lately, we have received a number of rumors about a device almost identical to what is already available on the market, a slightly modified back glass design, and a modernized version similar to the iPhone X. Most new informal information shows us a screensaver that could lean toward the cut-screen version

Recently, Twitter has been featured with two screens for iPhone screens. One is for the iPhone X and the other for what the iPhone SE2 might look like, a smaller model with a much smaller bang. The rumors of the past suggested that Apple would adopt the cut design at the top of the display on all its models, but the fact that the iPhone SE is considered a budget solution suggested that the model could remain unchanged

If it turns out that it will be the design of the iPhone SE, there are some interesting questions about it. First, how did Apple reduce the True Depth camera to integrate it into such a small space? If it has managed to miniaturize this technology, will it integrate it with this year's top iPhone? Also, if it failed to integrate a True Depth camera there, does it mean that the "bang" on the iPhone SE is just a design convention? Last but not least, if the iPhone SE2 is not compatible with Face ID, then where is the fingerprint sensor, back or display?

Answers to all these questions will likely be received in autumn when Apple launches its new smartphone range, including the SE2 iPhone. There are weak chances for a disclosure before the event that usually takes place in autumn, with the WWDC conference next week being dedicated to application developers and new versions of Apple's operating systems

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