iPhone slants: 10 billion loss for Apple?

The year 2018 does not begin under the auspices for the American giant, Apple. The controversy surrounding the clampdown of the older generations of iPhone - which has pushed the US firm to set up a battery replacement offer at 29 euros instead of 89 - could have short-term repercussions on sales of iPhone and So on the finances of the group.

16 millions of sales in less and a degraded image

Analysts of the famous firm Barclays sought to determine the loss of profit engendered by this business and the impact on iPhone sales. They estimate that Apple could see 16 million iPhone sold less throughout the year, which represents about 10.29 billion dollars lost revenue.

In the advanced reasons, analysts point out that the case has gone around the world, the general public is informed on the procedure to follow to perform the replacement of the battery for only 29 euros. However, the replacement of the battery offers a real performance gain; for an iPhone 6, the processor goes from 600 MHz to 1400 MHz, a second youth for the phone. In addition to increased performance, battery replacement offers greater battery life, which is one of the main reasons for replacing a phone.

A renewal rate impacted

To avoid any further controversy, Apple will not be looking and offers the replacement of the battery whatever the result of the diagnostic test. With batteries and labor charged only $ 29 to customers, Apple could not count on a large margin with these replacements. Above all, some customers will probably prefer the replacement of the battery rather than buying a new smartphone. " Even a small percentage of users opting for battery replacement rather than upgrading could have a significant impact on iPhone sales ."

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