iPhone slowed down: how to take advantage of the battery replacement at 29 €


                                                     iPhone slowed down: how to take advantage of the battery replacement at 29 €


In early December, members of the Reddit forum discover that the latest versions of iOS bridle the processor of old iPhone to preserve the autonomy of their aging batteries or to avoid certain problems, such as unexpected extinction of the device (a well-known concern on iPhone 6).

The maneuver is not shocking in itself, our current batteries are all losing efficiency over time and it is understandable that Apple is trying to alleviate the problem. But faced with the sometimes dramatic decline in performance of some models and the lack of transparency of the manufacturer, who had never communicated about it, many Internet users began to suspect Apple of obsolescence scheduled.

To clarify the situation (and exculpate themselves), the company finally published an article on its official website. It can be read that for "regain the confidence of those who have doubted Apple's intentions" the company pledges to lower the rate charged for the replacement of the batteries of the iPhone concerned to 29 euros instead of 89, until December 2018. What to offer a second youth to his phone.

Who is eligible?

Apple states that "any iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced" is eligible. So we hear the iPhone 6, 6S, SE, and 7 (and versions Plus), the iPhone 8 is still at the top in terms of autonomy and logically under warranty. Moreover, if your iPhone is still under warranty, know that you can change the battery for free, provided that its capacity has dropped below 80%.

No limitation on the contrary to take advantage of the replacement at 29 euros. Even if the phrase "whose battery needs to be replaced" suggests the opposite, no need to have a battery less than 80% of its initial capacity to enjoy, confirm our colleagues CNET.com . However, there is no need to change the battery if your smartphone is less than a year old. Otherwise, do not hesitate, even if your iPhone is not idle, because it will extend its life. Finally, note that if you have changed the battery of your iPhone between 14 and 31 December 2017, against 89 euros, therefore, Apple offers to refund the difference, a total of 60 euros.

How to take advantage of Apple's offer?

To take advantage of the replacement at 29 euros, follow this link. Click iPhone > Battery, Power and Charging> Battery Replacement. Then, several options are available to you:

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  • Bringing Your Device Into An Apple Store

We Recommend to favor this option, which will be the fastest. Make sure to make an appointment via the link a little higher because if you go to an Apple Store unexpectedly, you could be repressed. When you click "Bring Repair" the site asks you to enter your Apple ID, then the serial number of your iPhone (which you will find by following the path Settings> General> Information in the device). You will then be offered appointment times at the Apple Store closest to you (there are 20 in France). On the day, the battery change will take only 30 minutes, provided that the Apple Store has a battery in stock at least. Otherwise, we will have to come back later.

  • Bring your device to an Apple Authorized Service Center

You can also choose to take your iPhone to an Apple Certified Reseller but the process is generally longer, expect to stay more than a week without your phone. On the Apple site, the procedure is the same as to go to the Apple Store, you can check the list of service centers by going to this address.

  • Send your device by post or via UPS

This time, you must click "Send for Repair" . Note that repairs alone can take up to 5 days. It will, again, separate you from your phone a moment. Once you have entered the information requested by the site, Apple will make a quote and offer to send a UPS delivery at home within 24 hours to recover the product or send you a box so you can ship the phone yourself by the Post


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