iPhone Source Code Published on GitHub – Potential Risk

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Yesterday evening, there was a very surprising leak. On GitHub, a user has released the source code for Apple’s iBoot system. iBoot is an important part of the operating system and controls the trusted boot processes. Although the authenticity and the origin is not yet fully confirmed, but is still cause for concern.

The website motherboard reported yesterday evening that the source code of Apple’s iBoot The code is said to come from a version of iOS 9.3.x and can not be compiled due to missing files, but there is a risk that the source code could be extensively analyzed, exposing any vulnerabilities in iOS Even though the leak is from iOS 9.3, parts of it can still be used in iOS 11.2.5, which can be vulnerable s.

Even if files are missing and the authenticity could not be 100 percent resolved, the author behind many iOS and macOS books, Jonathan Levin, considers the leak to be one of the biggest in history. In addition, together with the source code documents were also published to iBoot, which could make it even easier for hackers to develop a permanent jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad.

It should also be noted that Apple has been offering parts of macOS and iOS as open source for the past two years. However, the iBoot system was always kept under wraps. At the present time, Apple has not commented on the leaks and thus the final authenticity remains unconfirmed.

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