iPhone with curved display? New concept tackles rumors

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It is two days ago that a Bloomberg report circulated. In this it was said that Apple is working on an iPhone with curved display and hover gestures. This should be an operation possible without the display must berüht. The iPhone should be able to recognize the gestures in the air above the display and initiate appropriate actions.

While currently the display of the iPhone models is already rounded off towards the Ran, the report at the time drove the idea even further. According to Bloomberg, Apple could work on a curved iPhone with the center lower than the top and bottom margins.

At the same time, the site has little hope for an early release, as the technology is still at a very early stage. It starts from a very earliest performance in about two years, if Apple pursues this approach at all.

Designer Martin Hajek has taken on exactly this rumor and has created an interesting rendering concept from it, which we do not want to withhold from you. He has been heavily based on the “Banana Phone”, the Nokia 8110, and also has a sliding mechanism that obscures a 2.3-inch keyboard display. At the same time, Hajek has let the device shrink a bit, making it comparable to an iPhone SE.

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