iPhone with Triple Camera Comes to Better Zoom in 2019?

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The Taiwanese website Economic Daily News leaked a note from German Securites analyst Jialin Lu. According to this, Apple is working on an iPhone with a triple camera, which will appear in the coming year. Lu expects the company to incorporate advanced 3D technology with a stereoscopic view. Two of the sensors are intended to record an object from slightly shifted perspectives, while the third sensor uses triangulation to ensure correct alignment. In particular, Apple wants to make ARKit apps better and to further optimize the experience.

At the same time the third lens is to be used for a better zoom function, which could be achieved by a larger focal length. According to Jialin Lu Apple should allow here a triple optical zoom, which significantly increases the quality in zooming.

Currently, the company still relies on a dual-camera system, the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and is used in the iPhone X. The dual camera already has a dual optical zoom. The previously mentioned Huawei P20 Pro, however, already comes with a triple optical zoom, using a 20-megapixel monochrome lens to provide additional sharpness.

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