iPhone X 2018 still with expensive Samsung OLED displays

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We know that Apple even invested money so that LG could build a special OLED display factory. But the company can not yet deliver, at least not in sufficient quantities and appropriate quality.

LG Display falls short of expectations

As of now, those responsible at Apple are at odds over whether LG to a Suppliers for OLED displays can be. This is due to production difficulties with the displays at the moment. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing people who are familiar with the matter.

Alternative Samsung Pushes Margin

If you read Mac Life on a regular basis, you’ve probably also heard that There was speculation that Apple wanted to lower the price of the iPhone X. Although it was also said recently that the iPhone X contributed to Apple winning the lion’s share of the profits on the smartphone market, a price reduction could further boost sales.

In view of this development, there would be a price reduction on the iPhone X still not excluded. But she would then probably press on the profit margin of the group from Cupertino. Because Apple is currently dependent on buying all OLED displays from Samsung. According to recent analyzes, the iPhone manufacturer pays $ 97 to Samsung for each display unit in the iPhone X.

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