iPhone X 2019 without notch? Rumors of suppliers

iPhone X 2019 with no notch? Rumors are spreading from South Korea to the public that Apple is looking for solutions to getting rid of the notch in its iPhone X. There are several options being discussed: the anonymous ones Sources are from "industrial circles," as are the solutions presented, and Apple does not know that.

[19459019ETNewsfromKorea reports Apple's plans to remove the notch in the iPhone X. This cut-out at the top of the screen is currently home to the TrueDepth camera used for Face ID Face Detection.

Apple wants to get rid of the notch

Apple is trying to get rid of this scat from unconfirmed rumors. New iPhones, but the earliest in 18 months in the trade, should get along without the score. Last in February it was said that Apple would use a smaller notch in the iPhone X in 2018. In January, it was said to be smaller in 2019.

Apple is in talks with responsible partner companies. One is looking for a solution. One possibility: drill small holes in the OLED display. Another: Apple relies on "black matrix" surfaces within the displays. However, these are only options that ETNews has received from third parties. Whether Apple actually takes such solutions into account is unclear.

Find Alternatives

Perhaps the manufacturer from Cupertino is also taking other paths. It would be conceivable that the technology would continue to shrink and then possibly have space within the scope of the device.

At the MWC 2018, Vivo presented the Apex FullView. In the smartphone, the front camera was housed in the edge of the case and can be extended. But for this solution, Andy Rubins Essential has already filed a patent two years ago. However, due to the time delay, this solution is rather useless for the purpose of facial recognition.

iPhone with Full Display

Without the notch, the display of upcoming iPhones should be totally continuous. This "vision" is not an invention, but was communicated by Apple last year when they introduced the iPhone X. How far the company can play this game remains to be seen.

Also noteworthy in the context is the fact that Apple has unleashed a trend with the notch. Especially at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​many Asian manufacturers showed Android smartphones with one notch. But before that there were devices like the Leagoo S9. For this reason, Google is also preparing special functions for the operating system in order to make better use of the space around the notch.

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