iPhone X: According to Samsung demand for OLED panels lower than imagined

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As reported by Bloomberg, Samsung yesterday released its quarterly figures. It was said that the profit in the Display division has fallen slightly. The deficit is said to have come about due to lower demand for flexible OLED panels. These are installed in the iPhone X, for example. While the company grew about 20 percent overall, the display segment fell behind expectations with a growth of 3.4 percent. In general, the company sees lower growth rates in many areas due to increased competition. There are currently no such “problems” with the storage solution.


However, lower demand is also affecting other Apple suppliers. Chip manufacturer TSMC is said to have revised its expectations for the second quarter downwards again. According to the company, the demand for premium smartphones should ease slightly during this period.

Unlike TSMC, Samsung is fortunate that Apple may not be able to call on other suppliers to the OLED panel this year. According to recent reports, LG still has problems with the production of the displays and does not consistently achieve the required quality standard.

On May 1, Apple will also announce its quarterly results. However, Apple is not expected to announce exact numbers for the iPhone X. Here are probably only the iPhone sales in general summarized.

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