iPhone X and iPad Pro awarded for best display

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If you own an iPhone X or an iPad Pro of the current generation, then you own devices whose displays are among the best the industry currently offers.

Industry draws Apple’s Display of

A jury of the Industrial Fair “Display Week” has decided that both the iPhone X and the iPad Pro have the best displays of their generation.

But can you even say that it’s “Apple’s” displays? After all, the manufacturer uses partners like Samsung, LG and others. In fact, the Cupertino company does a lot to make the displays work as well as they do. The control chips and calibration will help keep the competition from producing the same result despite comparable components.

The iPhone 10 is unrivaled in practice

In addition to the fact that the OLED display in the iPhone X occupies almost the entire surface of the device, it is visually convincing. Display Week praises the appearance of the iPhone 10 for vivid colors, true black, a 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, and a color management superior to the competition. The Face ID smartphone can display with its HDR display both the standards Dolby Vision and HDR10. In addition, the true-tone technology allows the dynamic adjustment of the white balance to guarantee a more realistic representation in different environments. It’s almost like being on paper.

The screen of the iPhone 10 wins in the category “Display Applications of the Year.”

iPad Pro convinces with ProMotion

Display Week raises In particular, Apple’s ProMotion technology stands out as innovative in the display of the iPad Pro. It is in the current devices with 10.5 and 12.9 inch displays and ensures that the refresh rate adapts dynamically to the output. If you’re watching a movie, the refresh rate is different than if you’re drawing something with the Apple Pencil.

The display of the Pro tablet from Cupertino wins in the “Displays of the Year” section.

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