iPhone X: Apple investigates delay in call acceptance

Currently, there is a very curious problem with the iPhone X, according to various reports. This prevents the user from being able to answer a phone call, because the display does not automatically activate and therefore does not offer a way to accept or decline. Now Apple has also turned on and investigated the cause in order to offer a solution as soon as possible.

After It has recently been revealed that Apple will be integrating fewer features into iOS 12 this year, with a focus on security and stability, but many users are looking forward to the recent events, with Meltdown and Specter not starting too well, among other issues the New Year, the next problem that is currently haunting the “iPhone X” user is already evident in Appl Support Forum and also a recent Financial Times report reports a bug preventing calls from being accepted.

According to various users, the iPhone X is ringing as usual, but it will not be possible to pick it up because the display only wakes up after six to eight seconds and displays the corresponding buttons. Often it is already too late. At the moment it is unclear, if the error is found in the software or the hardware. Meanwhile, one user claimed that he had reset his iPhone and was on the road for a few days before the problem reappeared. Compared to various websites, however, Apple reported that they are looking for the cause and take a closer look at the problem.

On our devices we could not adjust the error so far. It is also unclear whether the error is related to a specific firmware or production series. We will keep you up to date.

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