iPhone X Bestselling Smartphone in Q4 2017. A recent analysis by market research firm Canalys sees Apple's face-ID smartphone in the Christmas business at the very top. Apple is said to have sold around 29 million units. Thus, the device would be unbeaten at Christmas.

iPhone X with Impressive Performance

The iPhone X is said to be in the fourth quarter of 2017, to which the Christmas business belongs, have sold more often than any other smartphone. The performance of Apple's device was "impressive," argues Ben Stanton of Canalys. After all, the Face ID iPhone costs just under $ 1,000 (plus taxes).

iPhone X Not the Best iPhone

Although Apple initially struggled with delivery bottlenecks, the company was unable to Cupertino afterwards in November and especially December gain. The smartphone has been sold very well, especially in markets where customers often buy their devices through the mobile service provider. According to Canalys, the US is among them.

But that does not mean that the iPhone X could not have sold even better. In the history of Apple smartphones, there were devices that sold even better for Christmas. But this is not least because the device with face recognition had to fight the competition without, the iPhone 8 (Plus). Of course, the price also plays a role.

Other iPhones Also In Demand

But the iPhone X is not the only device that has sold well over the holidays. Apple will report a record quarter, according to Canalys, thanks to good iPhone sales. This is also related to the broadening of the offer. The iPhone SE, 6s, 7 and 8 would all have sold "neatly". The bottom line is that it leads to more iPhone sales than ever.

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