A few months ago, Apple has already launched a website that aims to introduce you to various features of your iPhone. On the site itself, there are numerous tutorials on the various camera features. Also on YouTube, Apple is equally active and was there now three new videos ready. Without much ado, the company will show how to easily capture and edit the iPhone X Porträtselfies. The third video, however, shows the effects added to iOS 11 for Live Photos, which can be applied later.

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Already a few weeks ago, similar videos were released to highlight the new features of the iPhone X. Porträtselfies with the front camera work namely only with Apple's high-end smartphone due to the new TrueDepth camera, which is also responsible for the unlocking via Face ID.

Incidentally, we still have a small supplement. Apple published in late January in Brazil a matching spot for the carnival. This is a celebrating pack to see, which makes use of the numerous camera functions of the iPhone X.


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