iPhone X: Disable Face ID – Here’s how

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How to Disable Face ID on iPhone X

Grab your iPhone X and open the Settings app. Scroll down to select “Face ID & Code.” Now enter your unlock code to access the settings, you’ll see several options under “Use Face ID for”:

  • Unlock iPhone – Slide the slider to the left to disable Face Unlock Unlock, so you’ll need to enter the code to access your iPhone X in the future.
  • iTunes & App Store – Slide the slider to the left to re-enter your Apple ID password with each purchase in the future, instead of conveniently confirming your purchase with Face Detection and pressing the side button twice.
  • Auto Fill in Safari – Slide the slider to the left to reduce the security of various credentials on web pages.
  • Other Apps – In this submenu you can manage the apps, the Face ID for logging in.

Below, you can additionally set whether you need to look for a correct recognition on the display. Alternatively, in this menu you can also “Reset Face ID” and configure to a new user. After you have made your “Face ID” settings, you can leave the settings app again.

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